Exe GNU/Linux (Devuan und KDE3)

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Exe GNU/Linux Overview

Devuan-based Live Linux Images with Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE)
Exe GNU/Linux is a Live Linux project. The Exe GNU image can run direct from CD or USB in "live" mode as a complete operating system. Installer applications (optional) are included.

Most desktop or laptop PC's are able to run Exe GNU/Linux, as a selectable alternative to or a replacement for their current operating systems.

Exe GNU/Linux contains only open-source, free, GPL-licenced software.

Exe GNU/Linux live images are based on Devuan GNU/Linux and use the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE). Versions for i386 (older 32 bit) and amd64 (most 64 bit) computers are available.

Please use the current "stable" version (codename ascii) suitable for your hardware. There may also be a recent "Testing" version (beowulf) available. This is essentially for testing purposes, will be quickly outdated and you will need to maintain it yourself.

This is *not* an official Devuan nor TDE project but is intended to be 100% compatible with both..