antiX-19-a1-full (64 bit) available

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Our first alpha build of the upcoming antiX-19 release, based on Debian Buster.
Get the iso from here
Changes from antiX-17:

  • connman replaces wicd and is default. ceni still included.
This means a faster boot with only a slight increase in RAM.
The connman gui is included in the startup file, but not enabled (to keep RAM usage down).

  • More up to date look via a 'new' icon them (numix-bevel plus additions).
  • Still using the 4.9 kernel. 4.19 and 5.0 kernel versions easily installable.
  • live grub rescue options (thanks to fehlix)
  • Time-saver installer (thanks to AK-47)
  • chroot-rescue added (thanks to BitJam)
"These programs are meant to supplement the fehlix live rescue system. The main thing is these allow you to get into a system even if its initrd.img is broken. It also let's you get into multiple systems without rebooting".

  • Various rox-filer right-click additions
  • screenlight included (thanks to SamK)
  • virtualbox-guest apps 6.0.6-dfsg-1
  • synaptic without zenity dependency
  • gksu and gexec included/updated (thanks to skidoo)
  • persistence sizes increased and the persist menu F5 now includes p_static_root and f_static_root (thanks BitJam)

Please test and give feedback.
Post bugs here: Bugzilla
Known Issues:

  • conky flashes when running IceWM (annoying)
  • antiX-gui-cli.sh: line 71 error (harmless) when setting up persistence/remastering
  • Once installed, resolv.conf warning (harmless)

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