MX-18.1 Continuum Official Release (iso refresh)

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MX-18.1 Continuum Official Release (iso refresh)

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Submitted by dolphin_oracle on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 17:57

MX-18.1 Continuum Official Release (iso refresh)
February 9, 2019
Direct download:
mirror sites (these may take some time to populate)
32 bit Linuxtracker
64 bit Linuxtracker
We are pleased to offer MX-18.1 Official Releases iso for your use.
MX-18.1 is a refresh of our MX-18 release, consisting of bugfixes and application updates since our original release of MX-18.
Note: Existing users do not need to reinstall.  All bugfixes and additions will come through the regular update channel.
Updated packages
The latest updates from Debian 9.7 (stretch), antiX and MX repos.
Firefox 65.0
vlc 3.0.6
and many more
New and updated mx-apps
mx-installer (based on gazelle-installer) received fixes to address crashes during grub install
mx-repo-manager now lists many many more repository mirrors (thanks aledie)
misc. bug fixes and improvements to MX-PackageInstaller & MX-Conky
The MX Manual
Updated mx-manual with revised sections, screenshots, etc...
The antiX live-USB system
All the antiX live-USB features, including persistence (up to 20GB!) and remaster.   
Significant improvement to the UEFI boot capabilities of the live system, especially for 64 bit UEFI systems.
(For 32 bit UEFI, users might need to make a "full-featured" live-USB with our tool for the best chance of booting.)
Special thanks to fehlix & BitJam for integrating the new UEFI boot features into our build system.
Improved localization
Thanks to Old Giza and the Translation team, almost all mx-apps received translation refreshes (we love translators!)
Please report bugs to the new bugzilla bugtracker Bug Manager
If posting hardware issues, please post the output of the terminal command "inxi -Fxrz" or use our "Quick-system-info" from the menu, at a minimum.
If posting nvidia-installer issues, please post the contents of /var/log/ddm.log.
If posting remaster issues, please include the contents of /var/log/live/live-remaster.log
If posting issues with MX-PackageInstaller "Popular Apps", please post contents of /var/log/mxpi.log or /var/log/mxpi.log.old (whichever contains the log of your issue).
Thank you!
Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)