FreeNAS 11.2 has ARRIVED!

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FreeNAS 11.2 has ARRIVED!
Dec 5, 2018 | FreeNAS, FreeNAS 11

What does a 0.1 difference make? In the case of FreeNAS 11.2 – a LOT!
This is no ordinary FreeNAS release, my friends...
FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE introduces a ton of new features, including a major revamp of the web interface, support for self-encrypting drives, and new, backwards-compatible REST and WebSocket APIs. This update also introduces iocage for improved Plugins and Jails management and simplified Plugin development. Our favorite updates are detailed below, and a full list of changes is available in the Release Notes.
All New Web Interface
FreeNAS 11.2 introduces an updated web interface. Based on Angular and Javascript, the web interface has been modernized to be more user-friendly, snappier, and aesthetically pleasing.