Absolute64-20210302 released

Begonnen von michi, 03. März 2021, 14:24:18

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    Absolute64-20210302 released
      Tuesday, 03/02/2021

    Based on Slackware64-current.
    Slack recompiled everything due to gcc update...
    Stuff that I did NOT recompile still works, go figure.
    SpaceFM and ROX-Filer (arox) get me occassional complaints
    due to their age/ lack of updating...
    but they work for me and I still don't even use gvfs or udisks,
    like a default Slackware install.
    [But Slackware still resists systemd, YEAH!]

    Pulled Kodi and GMT from the installer --
    Kodi I never use, so timely updating becomes an issue.
    GMT (generic mapping tools), no one besides me ever uses.
    These ommissions trimmed the ISO filesize a bit.
    Still a lot of development libraries included
    so the download is not small.
    But remember, although the distro has lots of files -- it runs lite :-)