Zenwalk Current 15.0 Santa Claus edition

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ZitatThursday, December 10, 2020
 Zenwalk Current 15.0 Santa Claus edition

 Zenwalk Current 15.0 10 12 2020 "Santa Claus" edition is available.

In short you get the latest Slackware current system with elogind, pam and the release candidate yet stable XFCE version 4.16 : installed in 15 minutes on your drive.

The Zenwalk Desktop is what we believe to be the most modern and user friendly desktop environment available for computers in 2021 : full "dock based" window management, designed for modern ultra wide displays.

Plethora of applications and games are ready to go with Flatpak or dependency aware package manager.

Please report any bugs :)

Have fun !