NomadBSD 1.2 released! 2019-04-21

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We are pleased to announce the release of NomadBSD 1.2! We would like to thank all the testers who sent us feedback and bug reports.

  • The base system has been upgraded to FreeBSD 12.0-p3
  • TRIM has been enabled by default.
  • A vt(4) color theme has been added.
  • The dialog(1) based setup has been replaced by a Qt GUI which supports dynamic translation. Currently available translations are German and Russian.
  • In order to reduce the number of implicit package upgrades and possible inconsistencies, the pkg(8) default repository has been changed to "Quarterly".
  • A recent copy of the NomadBSD handbooklet has been added to nomad's home dir.
  • A new option has been added to the boot menu which allows users to set hw.syscons.disable.
  • The kernel tunable vfs.root_mount_always_wait=1 has been added to /boot/loader.conf to prevent mountroot from mounting the root partition before the device is available.
  • Dynamic creation of configuration files for Intel GPUs has been added. For GPUs using the legacy i915kms driver, the UXA acceleration method is used. For newer GPUs SNA is used which fixes performance problems (at least on HD Graphics 5500 (Broadwell))
  • The backend for compton has been changed to xrender. This fixes input delay problems with the NVIDIA driver. Further, it makes using compton with VESA and SCFB possible.
  • x11/dmenu has been added which can be started by pressing Ctrl+Space.
  • A bug where the NVIDIA GLX libraries could not be found because of path changes in the nvdia-driver-{304,340,390} packages has been fixed.
  • A bug where executing pkg install/ delete lead to overwriting the library path to the NVIDIA libraries has been fixed.
  • A dialog(1) menu has been added to the initgfx script which allows the user to choose between auto detection and a non-accelerated graphics driver.
  • The detection of network devices has been improved.
  • A script with a Qt5 frontend for installing NomadBSD on a hard disk has been added.
  • Support for building 32bit images has been added.
  • The user interface has been slightly changed.
  • Support for the local keymap when entering the geli password has been added.
  • Support for resetting NomadBSD has been added. Users can execute
    /usr/libexec/nomad/nomad_setup reset

    in single user mode to bring NomadBSD back to its initial state.
  • Localized XDG standard dirs have been added.
  • The swap partition has been removed.
  • linux_base has been removed.
  • Several small improvements and bugfixes.
The image(s) and instructions can be found here.