Devuan Fork mit KDE 3

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EXE GNU/LINUX (Devuan GNU/Linux with Trinity Desktop)

Exe GNU/Linux (originating from Exmouth, in south-west England) is a "Live Linux image" preconfigured with a selection of applications for general desktop use. The image, written to CD or USB, may be used to start almost any computer with an Intel or AMD processor and runs as a complete operating system..

A fixed disk installation can be done from the "live" session. This can replace Microsoft Windows (or other OS) or install as a dual-boot configuration.

The core system is a Devuan GNU/Linux base. Previous versions were based on Debian. Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) is preinstalled. Please note, this is not an "official" Devuan nor TDE project.

Included are various "system rescue" software tools and a small number of additional custom scripts and applications, e.g. the installer. Use and administration of Exe GNU/Linux is generally the same as official Devuan. Most Debian documentation and wiki articles also apply except that Debian's "systemd" is not used. See "References" further down this page.

No non-free software is included. Some wireless devices and other hardware components may need proprietary firmware. Solutions are very well documented at https://wiki.debian.org/ .

Exe GNU/Linux images are available in 32- and 64-bit versions and are sized 650-700M. They may be obtained from the "Current Downloads" link on the left of this page.