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Pale Moon: Release notes

v28.5.2 (2019-06-05)
This is a minor update to fix a breaking problem in 28.5.1.
  • Fixed issues with image/texture allocation incorrectly being marked as insecure.
v28.5.1 (2019-06-04)
This is a security and bugfix update.
  • Restored a global
function shortcut for extension compatibility with old extensions.
 If you are currently using this global function, please change it to
    [/li][li]Fixed an issue with the UI when the address bar was removed from the navigation toolbar.[/li]
  • Fixed an issue with scripting of the Help menu.
  • Fixed a crash resulting from non-standard manipulation of XML stylesheets by extensions.
  • Fixed Aero Peek (taskbar previews) on Windows.
  • Fixed
    [/li][li]Removed the default handler for webcal since the site doesn't seem to be properly maintained.[/li]
  • Prevented some ways smart places queries could be abused for social engineering attacks.
  • Ported an upstream Skia fix.
  • Improved the
    [/li][li]Improved the efficiency of certain types of memory allocations in the JavaScript compiler.[/li]
  • Changed the way the application update checker code is hooked up so it will not require a user to go idle before being activated.
     This solves the primary issue with application updates not notifying users as promptly as they should; more improvements are slated for the next major release.
  • Applicable security issues fixed: CVE-2019-7317, CVE-2019-11701, CVE-2019-11698, CVE-2019-9817 (DiD), CVE-2019-11700, CVE-2019-11696, CVE-2019-11693, and several potentially exploitable crashes and memory safety hazards that do not have a CVE number assigned to them.